Empowering innovations and Creating Transformation

Equity Invest is a unique private equity firm that seeks to provide capital and advisory resources to the companies which represent innovation and growth.

We Invest and strive to support and mentor businesses which are worthy of our time and guidance, in order to help them to achieve their long term goals.

About us

Equity Invest is a team of experienced and seasoned professionals who utilise their best practices and entrepreneurial skills to reach the desired objective and ensure success.

Being based in the financial capital of Switzerland, we have direct access and control into our own investment platforms and that of many HNWIs who look to invest in innovative businesses.

Independent Equity Investments

As an independent organisation we are not tied to any specific investment fund, and are therefore free to choose from the entire investment portfolios and relationships that we manage.

Our starting point is your Investment risk profile which we carefully discuss with you at the start of the relationship in order to establish if this is something we want to get involved with.


Our concept is based on a “partnership approach” of client and Equity Investment.

Headquartered in the Swiss financial centre of Zurich, our firm stands for a high level of stability and trust. In addition to making Equity investments, We support our clients with ideas and advice to help them to achieve their dreams.

Senior Knowledge

Equity Invest is formed by independent partners.

Each has many years of private client Investment experience and considerable expertise in a range of specialist financial areas.

Collectively, we form an enviable and valuable knowledgeable pool.

How we are different


We work in partnership with our Investments to ensure that an application for funding is presented properly to our fund managers or private Investors in the first instance.

Our Network

We have an extensive and ever growing portfolio of funds and direct access to our network of Private Investors that we work closely with to fully understand what motivates an investment decision for them.

Value added investor

We understand the importance of teamwork and partnership, we bring together a whole host of people and resources to add value to our investment opportunities in order to achieve a successful result.

Investment criteria

Quality assurance

Equity Invest-Partners are subject to prudential supervision by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (www.finma.ch).

Ongoing supervision is the responsibility of AOOS – Schweizerische AG für Aufsicht, Zurich (www.aoos.ch), which is authorised as a supervisory organisation under the Financial Market Supervision Act. AOOS monitors the business activities of its affiliated asset managers and trustees with regard to compliance with the legal provisions and the licensing requirements.

Ombudsman institution

Invest-Partners is affiliated with the independent ombudsman institution FINOS, which is regulated by the Federal Department of Finance. Clients can contact the ombudsman’s office at any time. Information on any administrative costs and procedures can be found on the website of the ombudsman institution.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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